Dieter Bohlen biography
Dieter Günther Bohlen (born February 7, 1954 in Berne near Oldenburg) is a German musician, producer and songwriter.

Dieter BohlenIn 1984-1987 and in 1998-2003 he was part of the pop duo Modern Talking as a producer, singer and songwriter. In 1986-1989 Bohlen was a producer and songwriter of disco queen C.C.Catch whom he discovered. After the first split-up of Modern Talking in 1987 he formed Blue System, which was basically a one-man group, since he was the lead singer, composer, arranger and producer. For most projects Bohlen employed background singers to produce a high-pitched chorus, if needed, and his frequent collaborator in the studio was Luis Rodigues (listed as "co-producer"). Bohlen wrote music for many German movies, TV series, and shows.

Bohlen was married to Erika Bohlen (born Sauerland) from 1983 to 1994 and has 3 children from this marriage. Even before he was legally divorced, he lived with - but never married - his new girlfriend Nadja Abd el Farrag AKA Naddel from 1989. A pharmaceutical laboratory assistant, she was a background dancer for Blue System at that time. In 1996 he married model and singer Verona Feldbusch but divorced her after 30 days, propelling Verona to celebrity status (she went on to host television shows such as "Peep" and "Verona's Welt"). Bohlen eventually returned to Naddel, but the two split up again in 2000. Afterwards, Bohlen lived with 1979 born model Stefanie Ingrid Küster (nick name "Estefania") until 2006. They have one son - born mid 2005.

In 1986 Bohlen wrote and produced Chris Norman's "Midnight Lady" for an episode of the German crime show "Tatort" - the song which became a major hit in central Europe.

Modern Talking on "Top of the Pops" (BBC) in 1986He has been in the jury of Deutschland sucht den SuperStar (Pop Idol in Germany) for seasons 1 through 4 (upcoming) and has scored several major hits with the participants. Bohlen's has also released two autobiographical books about his career and his women and his experiences with singers. The first book was an unprecedented success in Germany.

In 2006 Bohlen issued a new album called "Dieter. Der Film" that was a soundtrack to a movie of the same name.

Dieter Bohlen's estimated worth is ~$250 million.
Global sales of Bohlen's acts "Modern Talking" and "Blue System" were 125 million units.
Global sales of all singles and albums that were produced by Dieter Bohlen exceed 165 million units.
He has absolutely nothing to do with the Bohlen-Pierce scale.
He lives near Hamburg.

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