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12.06.2011, 17:17
What do you think about new Bohlen's Star? I like her, but I think that there's no big difference between two tracks from her upcomming single with Pietro.

07.07.2011, 22:16
It was only probe, full songs sounds different, so I must change the opinion, because the two songs "I miss you" sounds differents, especially on the begginings which I couldn't hear in probe. Nice singer, but why does she have to sing with Pietro????

11.07.2011, 11:09
Oh did you saw her on the german version of idols?
she was awesome, great voice, beuatiful girl..

funnily she was kicked out in the first round, but came back due to a quit of another girl...after that sarah became the secret star!

to be honest..i really hoped she would make it..but yeah..thatīs germany..little girls spending their pocket money to call for their hero..this time it was pietro!

well...you wanna know why she has to sing with pietro...haha letīs say she is just using her opportunity and chance, because everyone loves pietro (except me :D) und of course she can sell more cdīs when singing with him! moreover as a couple it is always better to sell yourself to the publicity..

that are some ideas from my point of view....

11.07.2011, 13:47
For me Sarah is the best what we can get from Bohlen now, not my favourite music style, but when you - like me - listen 100000 times MT and CC cacth you are seekin for sth else.... ;)

Jochen W.
11.07.2011, 16:08
Why do you every new song compare to MT / CC. Catch? That period of time is over.

11.07.2011, 17:09
Because for me it was perfect music, that I still like to listen...... now time has changed and music sounds different, and i must find something for me, because I cannot still listening the same. Sarah is for me the besst from new Bohlen's artists....